Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Final Chapter - The Defintion

If you recall how this blog was started, we were trying to finesse the definition of professionalism that was formulated by the Task Force. That definition can be found if you scroll to the very, very bottom of this blog, that sort of mass of writing that looks as though it is being transcribed to Moses or is narrating part of a story at the beginning of a Star Wars movie. The final paragraph states:

"Although duties to their clients in particular matters are paramount, lawyers must throughout their careers remain conscious of and committed to the goal of improving the profession and the system of justice. This commitment includes taking personal and professional measures to increase the availability of legal services and abet even-handed and efficient application and administration of the legal system for all segments of society."

Beyond the duty to clients, we generally focus on our ethical responsibilities but not to the extent of improving the profession by increasing the availability of legal services. Do you agree with this responsibility as stated in the draft definition?

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