Friday, March 20, 2009

Cutting the Cost of Discovery with Off-Site Document Review

Our readers are not comfortable with the idea of off-site discovery, even though it is sanctioned by the ABA. An overwhelming majority of voters discourage the use of off-site reviewers -- 91%! This group voted against outsourcing for various reasons: most, 50% voted to "discourage it" because they did not trust the accuracy of off-shore reviewers; the other 41% voted to "discourage it" because they have confidentiality, document security concerns.

The remaining 9% of those surveyed said "encourage it" because it is a great way to save money on costly discovery.

I was surprised by the high number of people that voted against this (inevitable?) phenomenon. I am one of the believers that the practice of law is changing; we will have to wait and see if off-shore, off-site and other cost-efficient ways to alleviate discovery burdens (and beyond) become more prevalent in the days to come.

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