Friday, August 7, 2009

Grab bag of a post

I won't go as far as to say that I lost all control and discipline (blame summer), but I can't deny a noticeable lag in posts. I hope to rectify that short-lived lapse with this mixed bag of a post and more regular follow-ups.

First, Congratulations Justice (as of tomorrow's swearing in) SOTOMAYOR.

Second, unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority of voters in our Red Flags survey did not welcome the government regulation of their firms. For a fuller discussion of the issue follow this link:

Third, (trend watch) as more and more firms trim or eliminate their summer classes, I am wondering if this represents a seismic change in law firm practice to a more intimate, a pre-1980s, type of firm, or is this a short-lived, belt-tightening regimen just waiting to revert back to the gut-busting excess of 2000 (oh, those lunches of summer '00).

Before you go, vote on the new survey; it's a premonition of sorts.

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