Sunday, October 26, 2008

How your firm feels about bar associations

The results are a surprising 50/50 in our latest survey. 50% of our readers work for law firms that encourage partcipation in bar associations -- all of those work for firm that allow time for bar meetings and encourage leadership roles; the other 50% work for law firms that don't -- within that group 17% of those surveyed said their firm impliedly discourages participation. That's an unfortuate statistic.


Anonymous said...

my firm pays for 2 bar association memberships but that is about it. They do not support me or encourage me in any bar activities. I recently chaired an event and it was really high profile. The firm benefitted from the marketing that came along with me chairing the event but did not support me by paying for me to attend the function (which was out of state) or support me in any way during the year long planning. So what does that tell you about what firms, or at least what my firm, thinks of bar associations?

Task Force on Professionalism said...

I guess a firm's policy for face value does not necessarily equate with its policy for professional value