Thursday, February 3, 2011

NYCLA Recommendations Regarding Commission on Judicial Conduct Adopted by NYSBA

NYCLA announced on January 28 that the New York State Bar Association House of Delegates has adopted the major recommendations proposed by a report released by NYCLA’s Task Force on Judicial Conduct.

The NYCLA Report was prepared in response to concerns that the activities of the Commission on Judicial Conduct may unintentionally compromise the independence of the Judiciary and the widespread perception that many of the Commission’s procedures are at variance with the due process framework that is fundamental to our legal system. The new recommendations seek to promote judicial independence by bringing greater transparency to the way in which the Commission operates, and enhancing due process and the appearance of fairness in the Commission’s processes.

For NYCLA's submission to the to the NYSBA House of Delegates, click here

For NYCLA's Task Force on Judicial Conduct, click here

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