Friday, February 18, 2011

NYCLA's Mentoring Program. lots of professionals, good advice and dare I say, swanky....

I am so excited about the 2011 Mentoring Program. NYCLA has put together the FIRST EVER bar association sponsored mentoring program for the second year.  We had the first meeting last night with a huge turn-out of mentors and mentees.  This year's group consists of 20 pairs! We had to whittle down the applicants (>150! we enthusiastically encourage reapplying) based on the success of last year's program.

The meeting featured an excellent introduction to career empowerment and mentoring from Elise Holtzman  Following the meeting we met at our new monthly social gathering at the swanky, fabulously decorated back room of the Woolworth Tower Kitchen.  I love this place. I can't wait to come back. Thank you Shariff and Lou!

This program is really that good. In fact, we need to find a better name than just mentoring program to brand it. I am open to suggestions.

Big thanks to Bari, Zack, and the Advisory Board: Lew Tesser, Judge Laura Ward, Nancy Morisseau and my humble self.  This is going to be BIG!

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