Friday, March 4, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

No this post is not delayed because of technical difficulties and I know it is March and I know that my Valentine's Day themed survey has only a few days to expire. It so happens that I only now realized that I forgot to post the results of our January Survey--Readers New Year's Resolutions.  I know you are dying to hear the results, so here goes:
  • 70% have resolved to find a new job! That is a whopping percentage and surprised me too.
  • 40% have resolved to get new clients-- go get 'em.
  • 20% have resolved to get out of debt.  A fine resolution.
  • 40% have resolved to be more active in NYCLA.  An even finer resolution! I hope that means more hits on my blog too.
  • No one has resolved to change professions. We do love being lawyers (don't forget to vote on the current survey)
  • No one has resolved to make an investment (not even buy a new suit! the 70% looking for a new job, might want to rethink this one.)
These responses inform me that (1) we love being lawyers, but not necessarily our jobs; (2) we need to be more fashion savvy, especially since we practice in the fashion capital of the world; (3) maybe we will make some investments (maybe even in a new suit) after we find new clients and/or get out of debt.

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