Saturday, November 15, 2008

An optimist's look into the future

I have been following Paul Lippe's columns entitled "Welcome to the Future" in AmLaw:

I’m an optimist. I believe the post-boom world will recapture the best qualities of the legal profession, the reasons we went to law school and became lawyers in the first place. I predict that over the next few years there will be positive change for those prepared to embrace and promote it.

I am an optimist too. Or am I just a jaded, post-optimist? This short quote is all I have left in my electronic notes and I don't recall what is the "positive change" he forebodes lawyers to "embrace." Any suggestions, whether or not you have read the article, are welcome. Or if you want to share what you think are "the best qualities of the legal profession" or even why you "went to law school" I would love to know.

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