Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A word from our readers

I received this comment a few months back and I want to share it because the reader brought up some good points:

It's important to step into the shoes of most persons who are not lawyers: I understand this from many phone calls to me as a government lawyer. Most persons want access to justice, but cannot afford the fees charged by private sector lawyers; most persons find the entire legal system to be irrational--i.e., the World Trade Center litigation. Let's have outreach to the public, and re-examine the adversarial nature of the law in a context where ADR is rational. I really don't think that the responses you receive mean much to the public, who are the source of what is deemed "professionalism", as applied to lawyers. When we write, we write for the reader: this blog has to be for the reader--the public, who are not lawyers.

I can't decide my position on this statement "the public, who are the source of what is deemed 'professionalism'" but I am leaning toward disagreeing. And if anyone is reading this humble blog they are in all likelihood an attorney. So are we doing nothing to forward our cause here?

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